“It’s like an artsier version of The Avalanches with a taste of Disney and NIN…”
– Justin Maller, Creative Director of Depthcore.com

With a path as ambiguous as the one tread by Lorelai, it’s somewhat easy to understand why her music has followed suit. With a drawer full of passions that steal her focus, a hybridized emotional/logical personality, her lineup of aesthetics that seem to rotate with the seasons, and a personal life that has literally swung from one extreme to the next, there’s only one way to explain why her music is so wildly heterogenous – Lorelai is, simply put, divided.

She’s a musician torn between the world of electronic sounds and the warmth of a physical instrument. Though her tracks seem mismatched against each other, they encompass an undeniable femininity combined with organic textures that serve to shape her sound, if one can be attributed to her. “My songs are my makeshift kids,” she explains. “I can’t force them to go in a certain direction. Sometimes I have this image of what I want for them in my mind, and then they totally defy it. I can only help them to grow into themselves – to be whatever they’re meant to be.”

Lorelai (Laura Burk) is a contributing musician at Depthcore.com, a digital art collective that focuses on explorations of sight, sound and intrigue. By day she works as a UI/graphic designer.