DC5Q Interview

On October 14th, an interview by Depthcore’s Kervin Brisseaux featuring me was released for the DC5Q series.

Here’s a snippet:

“DC5Q: Anything exciting you have in store for us musically?

LB: Yes! I’m breaking my cycle of writing orphan tracks and am building up my first EP with a group of songs that are compatible with one another. I’ve recently switched my DAW to Ableton Live, which I’m learning and loving, then hating, then loving again. I think you’ll hear that my new music really harnesses a few different capabilities I found at my fingertips with this software change. I’m able to do a lot more exploration…”

Check out the full interview here!

Also, yes, it’s true – tons of new music is on the way. I can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve been working on! With my new environment, different tools, and brand new software, I can’t help but find myself changing and evolving in unexpected ways.


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